Miscellaneous Utah Wilderness Documents

Utah Division of Wildlife Resource Draft Wolf Management Plan (2005)

Produced after a two-year public process, the Utah DWR wolf management plan offers two goals: to study and facilitate the movement of wolves back to Utah after a 75-year absence, and to mitigate the effects of livestock depredation by wolves.

GAO Report: Recognition of R.S. 2477 Rights-of-Way under the Department of the Interior's FLPMA Disclaimer Rules and Its Memorandum of Understanding with the State of Utah (2004)

The United States General Accounting Office issued this opinion in response to a request from Senator Jeff Bingaman (D-NM), ranking minority member of the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources. The GAO concluded that the Department of Interior has authority under FLPMA to grant RS 2477 rights of way to states and counties without the need for an additional act of Congress.

Wilderness Inventory Settlement Between the Department of the Interior and the State of Utah (2003)

This court-approved settlement of a dormant lawsuit filed by the State of Utah was the instrument by which the Department of the Interior rescinded the BLM Wilderness Handbook and disavowed the Utah Wilderness Re-Inventory that established 2.6 million acres of wilderness inventory areas. It also reversed a policy of protecting wilderness characteristics on BLM land nationwide.

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area wilderness recommendation (1980)

Glen Canyon NRA proposed 588,855 acres of designated wilderness.

Arches National Park revised wilderness plan (1978)

Arches National Park proposed 61,547 of designated wilderness and 8,461 acres as potential wilderness additions.

Bryce Canyon National Park wilderness plan (1977)

Bryce Canyon National Park proposed 20,810 acres of wilderness. Draft legislation attached.

Canyonlands National Park wilderness plan (1977)

Canyonlands National Park proposed 287,985 acres of wilderness. Draft legislation attached.

Capitol Reef National Park wilderness plan (1977)

Capitol Reef National Park proposed 179,815 acres of wilderness.

Cedar Breaks National Monument wilderness plan (1976)

Cedar Breaks National Monument proposed 4,830 acres of wilderness.

Zion National Park wilderness plan (1974)

Zion National Park proposed 120,620 acres of wilderness and 10,364 acres of potential wilderness additions.