Sample MODIS Image of Utah

NASA's Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) instruments provide daily global imagery. The wide field of view of the sensor enables it to capture the full extent of the Utah Wilderness Atlas without the need for mosaicking. This imagery was acquired over Utah by MODIS/Aqua on September 27, 2003. Each pixel represents 250 meters on the ground. For more information, see the MODIS Home Page.

Two file formats are available for viewing: JPEG and MrSID. Click on the images for a larger JPEG view. There is also a link to download a JGW file for georeferencing the JPEG in a GIS. To view the MrSID files in a web browser, install the ExpressView browser plug-in from LizardTech. The MrSID files are smaller, can be viewed more efficiently, and they can also be georeferenced with the companion SDW files.

These and other MODIS images in MrSID format, complete with metadata, can be downloaded from the GIS data index.

MODIS natural color

This image approximates natural color, with MODIS bands 1,4,3 = RGB. The entire atlas extent is cloud free except for the smoke plumes from wildfires. Landforms and the extent of the "redrock" country are prominent features of the image.

MODIS natural color JPEG

Download georeferenced files   JPEG (6.5 MB)     JGW (1 KB)    MrSID (918 KB) SDW (1KB)

MODIS false color

This is a false color image that highlights green vegetation. Burned areas from wildfires are shown in dark red, including two large fires from summer 2003 on the Henry Mountains. An active wildfire is visible on the Kaibab Plateau north of the Grand Canyon. MODIS bands 7,2,1 = RGB.

MODIS false color JPEG

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